Considerations When Buying Over the Counter Medication

Over the counter medicine or OTC as abbreviated, are medicines that one can buy from a store without a prescription from the doctor. This medicines could relief pains, itches, prevent and cure conditions like tooth decay and athletes foot. Further, they even manage recurring problems and prevent chronic diseases.

An understanding of these medicines can go a long way in preventing harmful reactions due to incorrect use. What should one look for or know when settling or going for over the counter medicine?


medicationKnowing your medicine is key to being able to choose the correct OTC effectively.Keeping a list of names quantities to be taken when and how enabling one to be able to tell a good OTC when presented with such due to an already idea of what one requires.Of importance is being able to master and understand the basics of the medicine taken


Every medicine comes with a label and then directions of use thus being able to follow the directions and labels guidance ensures effective use.Make sure the labels and directions for use are intact and visible. Without directions on use, one could easily misuse the medicine probably through overdosage or the opposite.


Being able to ask questions and getting the right answers or information is also key to knowing good OTC. Questions like why this drug, what is the purpose of the drug, when to be used and can it be replaced or used differently will enable the patient to understand the drug’s purpose. If these questions can not be answered the better consult a doctor before undertaking the same.


All medicine if not most become less effective over a period of time and change of this medicine could give better results thus a time span on the life and effectiveness is key to telling which OTC will be able to meet one needs. Periodically changing medicines in your cabinet is of utmost good to oneself.

Better results in medicine use are not directly proportional to how much one takes, thus overdose or higher dosage will not guarantee one to get better faster and sooner. Therefore a careful understanding an strict following of the direction goes a long way in ensuring better results for a patient. One should not attempt to play doctor by experimenting with these drugs because they could harm you more than cure or provide relief.

Take caution

medicineChildren OTC should be administered with great caution an restrain due to the delicate nature of their body and immune system. Size does not necessarily mean quantity when it comes to children dosages. Strict adherence to directions and instructions could save a child’s life.

Make sure you know the name, active ingredients in the drug, purpose of the drug, the uses, warning signs, directions of use and other pertinent information from the OTC before purchase. This information is and should be readily available to the patient on request for effectiveness.

Medicine or drugs are solely taken to relieve one from an ailment or condition. Thus, it must serve this purpose and not vis visa.